Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy (MaRhyThe®)

A technique of-depth-effective rhythmical micro-extensions for the treatment of pain and restricted movements

Mentamove Therapy

Mentamove Therapy German device for motor relearning using mental imagery which is EMG-initiated in the treatment of stroke.

Continuous Passive Motion[CPM]:

Continuous Passive Motion[CPM]motion therapy with ARTROMOT- K1 device. It is a motor operated device use to mobilize knee & hip joints.

Interferential therapy[IFT]

Interferential therapy & transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation are electro therapy modalities primarily use for management of pain.

Shortwave Diathermy[SWD]

Shortwave Diathermy[SWD] short wave diathermy is a treatment that uses electro magnetic energy to produce deep heating in joints & soft tissues.

Paraffin wax bath [PWB] with thermostatic control

It is the most effective way of applying heat to improve mobility. paraffin wax bath used to provide pain relief & comfort, to assist with muscle relaxation & to relief joint stiffness.

Programmed traction unit

: intermittent & continuous cervical & lumbar traction is used to relieve the neck & low back pain, to relieve muscles spasm, pain originating from nerve root compression.

Excersise Treadmill

Excersise Treadmill for endurance training bicycle ergometry for lower limb weakness & parallel bar for gait training of neuro rehabilitative patients & for prosthetic limb patient.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is used to treat local pain, joint pain, tennis elbow, trigger points, & also used to treat inflammatory conditions.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical uscle stimulation with wireless Pro stimulator is used to re-educate the denervated muscle, conditions like Bell’s palsy, wrist drop, foot drop, & other peripheral nerve injuries, weak abdominal.